Aurora - Our Community

The Community

Our Community contains a vast array of users from different backgrounds with different skills. Some are here as users, some are artists, some are top flight developers. Everyone from all backgrounds are welcome to join our community, use our distrobution and get involved in any way they wish :)

Our Community is structured into various teams and positions headed up by the lead development team. Our community sprawls the web but here you can find out where to start.

Helping Hands

Supporting Our Users

Our Community relies on its Users. Some have more experience then others. Why not share the knowledge in the Forums or on the Wiki? You can chat realtime and help our on the IRC channel too!

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Useful Tutorials

Bit of a bloggers instinct in you? We need talented users to help write reviews, step by steps and simple tutorials for the blog and for the future Aurora Guides Project

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Bug Zapper

Help fellow users by following up on bug reports and ensuring they are assigned to the correct team. Wrote or know a patch? Why not submit it to make the Aurora experience better.

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Adopt a Package

Thats right a package is for life not just for christmas! Why not "adopt" a program or set of packages you use day in day out? Ensure we have the latest stable and beta versions available for our users to get easily.

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Test test test

All new programs and idea's need testing. We need dedicated users to stick to using our testing repositories and keeping a close eye on the latest packages before they are submitted to the stable branch.

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Prolific Writers

Love to write? You don't need to be a developer to get involved. You can write simple documentation or even translate various parts of Aurora to help yourself and other users at the same time by adding great and useful information to Aurora.

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Get your Hands Dirty

Code Genius'

Love to code, design and develop Open source software? We need you on board! We are hoping to bring a number of new and exciting developments to the Open source world. Just for starters we have Exogenesis and Jupiter; own own in house installer and acpi manager respectively.

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Step up to the Plate

We are forever changing, advancing and wanting to make Aurora brilliant. To do this we need talented and enthusiastic community members to take on roles to suit you! New ideas and new positions come around often so always check out the available positions.

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Amazing Artists

The look and feel of any program or system is as important as its features. We need talented artists and designers to help create a true masterpiece of art and software combined. Simplicity and friendliness lie in the design. If you've got the skill or any feedback let us know.

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Know your system

Aurora Pledge

The Aurora pledge is a two way agreement , its the way we work with our users and what users and contributers agree to do when working with us. We want to be transparent and work with out community. Our Pledge allows us to do this effectively.

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Our Beliefs

There are a number of things we, as a Project, believe to be important and relevant to the work we do. We believe the community is our most valuable asset and their opinion and response are critical to the success of Aurora. its designs and decisions want your input....

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Hardware Support

The perfect scenario would always be that everything works flawlessly out of the box. As much we aim for this to happen with as many devices as possible its not always feasible. For those occasions we have a list of supported devices and hows to get your hardware working on Aurora.

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