Aurora - Design Brief

Aurora Design Brief

Our design brief has been created to help you to contribute to the Aurora Brand using the design skills you have. Just grab a copy of the Brand Guidelines below and get designing :D . At present all promotional work, logo's, the auro family and our wallpapers have been created and contributed to Aurora by users. We look forward to your contributions.

At the heart of the Aurora brand is the community. We are focused on being a global team, building an operating system we are all happy to use, that offers the known stability of GNU/Linux with the ease of use found in other mainstream operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX etc.

We aim to always give our users access to the development process so they can help and contribute to a system we believe will be simple and usable to all. To provide simplicity while not ‘dumbing’ down.

Install. Embrace. Enjoy. These are the core principles behind our community access policy. We want Aurora to represent the freedom to escape from the worries associated with other operating systems, with the rewards of working together as a team towards a common goal. To produce an operating system that make us and our users happy.

Download the Full Logo / Promotional Design Guide now