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Getting Involed in the Aurora Project

The Aurora Project is developed by users, for users. Thats our basic ethos ; without users we wouldn't be here. We work through an active community of users contributing ideas , designs , guides , support and information to their peers. We fully encourage you to get involved no matter what "level" you think you are technically : we all have different skills and can work together to create something brilliant!

Steps to Get Involed

If you are interested in getting involved in the Aurora project and Already have an idea or skill you would like to contribute then you can go the "Getting Involved" Forums. Here you can post a bit about yourself - the skills you have and how you think you would like to get involved. One of the team will get back to you on the forums to discuss this and enable you to get involed.

Getting Involved Forum

Developing an Aurora Project

We currently have 3 main projects which require developers to contribute ideas / code / and maitaining the source.

Exogenesis is our own custom installer built to work on any debian based distrobution. We have a number of features we would like to add so if you feel you can help please see the exogenesis page for details on getting involed


Jupiter looks after our ACPI and hardware management. If you feel a feature is missing you can contribute idea's or code to enable this feature. At present we have an eee-specific model to enable support for eeepc's. If your machine needs changes to the code for specific models then please submit any changes you make and we will be able to use your solutions to benefit other users. details on how to get involed are on the jupiter page.


We also have a very hard working team who spend time developing our many kernels to ensure all devices have top notch support for their hardware and devices. If you have experience working on the kernel or feel we are missing features / drivers please let us know in the Forums.


We have high ambitions for the future of Aurora so ensure you check back on the site and blog to see all the latest projects we have going on and how you can get involved.