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Aurora Pledge

We have a code of conduct or Aurora Pedge, to set out guidesline we follow for our users and for those users, who wish to be involved, to follow. By having an effective pledge we enable ourselves to collaberate in the best way possible.

Work Together

Aurora can only work if we work together. Aurora's strength is in its community. Join and be involved. Respect others opinions and solutions to problems, even if they differ to your own. We will always collaberate and work to the general consensus of the community : you dictate where we go.

Remember to always notify others of the work your doing as it may impact the workload of another : such as the translators or writers for guides. Work open, work smart and work together.

Respect Others

Respect others opinions, ideas and input at all times! There is such a thing as a difference of opinion and each person is entitled to their own view, don't flame just because it is different from yours. It's not big and it's not clever, no matter how old you are! If you are going to critise, do it constructively with example to support any arguments. After all, the difference may just be a gap in knowledge.

Teamwork can be great work

Sometimes working as a team to solve a problem or create new ideas is more fruitful than you imagine : Aurora was born from collective thinking, bouncing ideas and working together. Not everyone is a wealth of knowledge; propose your ideas to other members and get useful feedback. You may discover an easier way or a new solution to the problem or idea.

Be Honest

When working with others remember its not a sign of weakness to be honest or ask for help : Asking for help is a sign of a great collaberator. If you need help just ask any of the team , moderators or your fellow users. We all have to learn someway and learning together is a great way! In the same light if a user is asking for help then help them; don't insult them or flame them, all that does is discourage others which in turn will harm the very community you are part of.

Our Beliefs

Aurora is more than just an ISO and a release; its a tight knit community working together to create a system we can all use. We believe that open source shouldn't be hard to get involved and that people of various abilities all have a part to share and contribute.

Aurora is no meritocrity; its users have a defining say in what happens. The lead design team will post and announce new innovations , ideas and progressions to Aurora. You will all get the chance to feedback on these through our blog, our forums or by a community vote. We make Aurora to satisfy the demands of its users: make your decision.

We believe development should be a constant flow and if developments are found to improve the experience from a users view then they should be released without an extended waiting period. As such, Aurora will have a rolling update, firstly through a testing repository and then, if the system doesn't grind to a sudden halt, released through the main repository so that everyone can benefit as soon as possible.