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Community Vote

Welcome to the Community Vote! The newest ideas, features and most popular requests will appear here every few weeks with a change for you the community to vote for them! The Vote figures WILL have an impact on "your wallpaper"!


It's time for the community to decide which user submitted Wallpapers it wants by default :) . The top 10-15 based on the voting figures will be included by default on the ISO. All other wallpapers shown here will be available as an extras package from the Repo. Please ensure you check all 4 pages of amazing community wallpapers ready for your vote!

If your work is shown here could you please send the largest resolution of your images so the community can effectively choose and decide if they like the work. All artwork is kept as the property of the artist but please ensure it is available under an Open Source License such as the CC share-alike 2.5 . Contact address is Webmaster AT auroraos DOT org.

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