Aurora - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a Linux Distribution based on Debian and specifically designed for ease of use on any computer. Aurora can be used by individuals, schools and businesses alike to run an effective and mobile OS which gives you the freedom you need.

Aurora is FREE to download, FREE to distribute, and FREE to share.

It takes an average of 20-30 minutes to install Aurora and once its on you have all the software you need installed and ready to do whatever you need it to do.

Aurora keeps you up to date with a clever rolling release style setup with "service packs" every 3 months to update to the latest software versions.

What is Open Source?

Originally coined in 1998, the term open source came out of the free software movement, a collaborative force going strong since the dawn of computing in the 1950s. This early community was responsible for the development of many of the first operating systems, software and, in 1969, the Internet itself.

The open source community is thriving and today boasts some of the best brains in the business. The aim has not changed: free systems and software should be available to everybody, wherever they are.

Without open source, many of the systems and applications we take for granted simply would not exist. All the big players in computing come from, or owe a huge creative debt to, the open source community, and continue to rely on its talent and expertise when developing new products.