Aurora - Partners

Partners and Projects

We are keen in working alongside other projects were the projects and communities benefit from.

We work alongside other Open Source Businesses to provide you with the best possible experience. If you feel your Business could work in aiding the Aurora Project then please contact us so we can discuss a potential partnership. We also are thankful for many projects already out there who we owe their thanks too. Here you can find out a little about them.


SourceForge is an online code repository and hosting site for alot of opensource projects. It allows new projects to access a variety of features of a full website without having to worry about hosting. It has a great community around it reviewing and working with all the hosted projects.

They also are the great guys behind the community choice awards who awarded eeebuntu as the "best new project" 2009. We continue to work with the sourceforge team and thank them for the amazing inspiration and great publicity.


Debian is a great linux distrobution on which we owe alot of our basic OS too. We use alot of the packages for the Sid Unstable repo of debians builds. The project it maintained by a very large community who work closely together to develop truly great applications. Hats off to them!