Aurora - The Team

The Aurora Development Team

We have a dedicated core team who look after the day to day running of Aurora. here you can find out a little bit more about each member of the team and some of their other interests :) Aurora is made for users by users : Here are your fellow users.

Steve Wood

Team Leader / Lead Core Developer / Coder and Chief disorganiser
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Fully fledged coffee and technology addict! I've been bluffing my way through the IT industry for around 20 years so I'm either a good card player or I've actually learned a thing or two along the way.

A few years ago (too many to count) I'd lost all enthusiasm for computers and was ready to give it up and do something, anything, else. I stumbled over Linux (tripped up and ambushed) and have never been released.

I love coding, new languages, new challenges. Aurora started life as a set of scripts bundled on an ISO but has grown into something that the entire team is proud of and we're gearing up for the new life springing from the ashes of eeebuntu. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us!

When not surrounded by monitors, whirring fans, rattling disks and laser meeces I can be found racing (floating aimlessly) around a lake on an old fibreglass Albacore dinghy (small boat, big sails), you can tell it's me, I'm at the back in a world of my own, much like a Linux developer in a microsoft world

Paul McDonough aka Guitaraholic

Webmaster / Lead Designer / Developer and Over-Enthusiastic Nut
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I've been using Linux for just over 7 years spending most of the time distro hopping. This time made me see niggles with the majority of distributions and made me want to address them. I looked around various projects but just couldn't find my place

After discovering eeebuntu in its infancy I jumped on board to aid in any way I could. Firstly, just one of the moderators - my over enthusiasm got the better of me and I got involved more and more and more. The success of eeebuntu in the Sourceforge choice awards made us rethink the aims of eeebuntu : could its simplistic ideals and ambitious ideas work on all PC's??? YES. Aurora was born!

I love all things Web 2.0 : Design, Development, Openess, Freedom and Socializing! The Web is a powerful tool and Aurora wouldn't exist without it!

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar (badly i'll say) esp down the local open mic night! Hence the name "guitar"-aholic! The rest of my time gets torn between family life, the day job and a tad of DIY. Coffee runs in these veins to cram it all in!

Johnny Brinsko aka TRIPgod

Moderator Team Leader / Support Team Lead
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I switched to Linux permanently in 2007 using Ubuntu. Like many Windows users, I had to relearn everything when switching over to Linux. I've been lurking around the Eeebuntu/Aurora scene since 1.0 and decided to help other users with their computer troubles on the forums since 2008.

I grew up in Florida and am currently in the US Navy, stationed in Spain. When I'm not soaking up the sun on Andalucia's beaches gawking at beautiful women or working on the Nortel CS1000M telephone switch, I am usually tinkering around online.

Andrew Wyatt aka Fewt

Jupiter and ACPI developer / Security Wizz
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I am responsible for the design and development of Jupiter. Jupiter manages power consumption, and also exposes a quick interface to enable or disable commonly used hardware and to adjust display modes.

In addition to my responsibility to the Aurora team, I have been working in Information Technology for over 14 years. I am a RedHat Certified Engineer, and work as a UNIX Design Engineer in Nashville Tennessee. When I am away from my netbook I can usually be found working on a new recipe, spending time in my garden, goofing off with family and friends, or off in a corner with my PSP.


Brian Verduzco aka Rusty815

Kernel Developer / Moderator
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I'm an enthusiastic Linux learner from Los Angeles, California. Ive been working with computers since i was about 10, when i got my first desktop. I started putting computers together at age 14 and two years later took a dive into Linux, and never turned back. I became fascinated by the Linux kernel, and the strange beauty and complexity of it, and began learning how to make my own linux kernels.

I'm currently a student at the University of California, San Diego, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and minoring in Japanese (maybe).

Dave Colclough aka MonkeyAbout

Resident Artist / Designer and Brand Advisor
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I've been lightly dabbling with Linux in various guises for about 6 years. But Eeebuntu/Aurora is the first distro that I've loved enough to actually keep on one of my machines.

Design wise I've been working as low-mid tier graphic designer for 10 years, and have had a bash at everything from adverts in magazines to rubber stamps and ID's for chauffeurs.

I'm a big fan of Leonberger dogs and animals in general. I occasionally dabble in poetry, photography and oil painting, but I'm mainly found surrounded by broken computers, books, cables and junk in my computer room, playing around with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, repairing stuff, learning new software or getting pwned on Xbox360.

Scott Warner aka Tortel

Kernel Developer / Moderator
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After using Linux on and off for the past 6 years, I finally moved a computer to Linux full time. After some initial driver issues with my 1005HA and Eeebuntu 3, I took an interest in the Linux kernel and started building my own. After helping numerous people in the forums, I was invited to work on the kernels for Aurora.

Im a computer science major in Maryland, and spend much of my free time reading about the Linux kernel, or other programming languages. I also constantly upgrade my desktops and network.


Moderator / Python Developer
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I got dropped into a Linux shell on day one of a Computer Science M.S. degree three years ago. I still have not found my way out.

Today, I'm a computer engineer, working mostly in C, C#, and Python. My responsibilities primarily pertain to computer security. I believe strongly in Linux and in this team. Seeya on the boards!