Aurora - Gnome Edition

Aurora Borealis : Gnome Edition

Aurora GNOME edition will be the Primary Release from the new Aurora development team.

With a wealth of amazing applications you can guarantee a great experience straight out of the box. With driver compatibility for most modern computers (including Netbooks), and full acpi support, general use should be simple!

Aurora is designed with simplicity in mind. We have worked extensively on making the user experience out of the box as easy as possible. Aurora functions on a rolling release mentality - why should you have to install a new "updated" OS every 6 months? Surely it would be simpler to just have regular service packs? That’s what you can expect. Plus every 3 months the ISO is updated so you know you’re always getting the latest updates and fixes without having to do a major upgrade when you install.

We include a number of extras and tweaks under the bonnet to give you usability from the start. Aurora's GNOME edition has a configuration option on install which allows you to decide which desktop variant you would like. You can have a standard desktop complete with all the applications you need, or maybe the Netbook launcher interface? You can even select a basic install which means you pick the apps you want. (Oh and for those who prefer to only have free codecs and software you can opt out of any non-free too!)

Here is a range of apps you can expect to be installed by default as well as some easily installed alternatives!

Web Browsing

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4

Mozilla Firefox is our default browser which offers fast, safe and secure browsing by default. Regularly updated to ensure the latest performance enhancements.


Chrome Chromium Opera Midori

Email Communications

Thunderbird 3.1

Mozilla Thunderbird is our default email client which offers multiple accounts, RSS, newsgroups and calendar support. It also has a wide range of plugins available to add even more features.


Evolution Spicebird Opera

Instant Messaging

Pidgin / Gwibber

Pidgin is a brilliant Open Source Instant Messaging Application with support for multiple protocols such as MSN, yahoo, googlechat, facebook chat, skype and many more.

Gwibber is a GNOME based, simple Twitter client enabling you to update status, follow users and manage your twitter accounts.


Empathy Emesene Skype

Full Office Suite

Open Office 3.2

Open Office is an entirely free office suite allowing you to work with documents, tables, presentations, databases, images and much more. It also supports the microsoft .doc format too for editing any work done elsewere.

Design Applications

Gimp 2.6.8

Gimp is the GNU Image manipulation tool and is a very advanced image editor with features rivaling that of Photoshop. Useful or photo editing , computer art, or just touching up the odd picture.



Video Playback

VLC 1.2

VideoLan, or VLC, is a brilliantly simple video player with support for a wide variety of codecs and video formats. It will also playback DVDs and CDs (once the proprietary DVD support is installed).


GMP Mplayer banshee

Music Library and MP3 sync

Banshee 1.6

Banshee is a brilliantly simple and useful application for managing your music library. It allows you to auto retrieve cover art, create playlists, sync with compatible mp3 players, search for wiki entries on your favourite bands and will even play video!


Rythmbox Amarok

These are just a sample of some of the applications you will have available for installation and use in Aurora. COMING SOON